Physical Therapy

At Tempered Physical Therapy, our mission is to eliminate your pain, and to help you get stronger.

Tempered Physical Therapy Mission

We want to help maximize your ability to move confidently within your body to get you back what you love doing.

We will do this by performing a comprehensive assessment and give you a detailed plan that will get you back to doing what you love to do. Lock shields with us, and let us guide you with our expertise to get you out of pain and facilitate your active recovery.

Are You Feeling…

Neck Pain/Headaches

Joint Tendonitis

Jaw Pain

Back Pain

Hip Impingement

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain


Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment:  A comprehensive evaluation and examination will be performed. Your goals will be discussed, and together we will come up with a plan of care to help you overcome your pain. Evaluation will be followed by manual therapy and exercises that will supplement each other in achieving your goals.

Each session will be one on one for the full hour with your physical therapist. You will not be passed on to support staff during your session.

Recovery Session: For all of you fitness enthusiasts, have your workouts, runs, and competitions left you with some soreness. This session is for you. This session can be a combination of dry needling, myofascial decompression (cupping) and soft tissue massage.

Not sure what session would work best for you, give me a call for a free 15 minute consultation. 214-449-1191

Types of Treatment:

Exercises Prescription

The right strengthening and mobility exercises are key to helping overcome any aches and pain. You will get a detailed exercise prescription that will not only help your pain, but optimize your performance in the gym and everyday life.

Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques will be given to restore joint mobility and soft tissue restrictions to get you moving better!

Dry Needling

Using thin monofilament needles to help improve tissue mobility and nervous system activation, and decrease pain.

Spinal Mobilization & Manipulation

Using proven techniques to help decrease pain and improve mobility.

Fitness Programming

The worst thing to hear is to be told to stop exercising and rest. Tempered Physical Therapy can help modify your training plan to reach your desired stimulus while still allowing your body to heal.

Meet Your Physical Therapist

Hi, I’m Justin Ponce. I have been practicing as a physical therapist since 2018 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from South College in Knoxville Tennessee and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Brigham Young University – Idaho.

I also hold certifications in Dry Needling and Therapeutic Pain Science, and have taken several courses on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

In addition to practicing as a physical therapist, you can find me coaching CrossFit classes at CrossFit Wylie, exercising at the gym, and spending time with my family.

I love to live a healthy lifestyle and believe the body is an amazing tool that can accomplish great things. I strive to implement a whole wellness approach to my practice and help show you that your body can do amazing things.

Outside of physical therapy, I love to spend time with my family traveling, trying new foods, running, lifting weights, and experiencing new things.

Tempered Physical Therapy Reviews

Justin was a miracle worker for me and my calf. The relief I felt in my calf after the very first dry needling therapy was a night and day difference. His knowledge in advanced therapy options specifically dry needling and cupping in conjunction with his treatment approach allowed me in just a few sessions to walk/run without pain and tightness for the first time in 6 months.

- Nathan L.

Justin helped me avoid surgery. I was told that in order for me to use my shoulder again the way I wanted was to have reconstructive surgery. My MRI showed I had bone spurs, biceps tendinitis, and several tears. I worked with Justin doing Dry Needling, exercise progressions and manual therapy. He helped me a ton! I am now back to doing all of my favorite CrossFit movements. I would highly recommend Justin to everyone.

- Tammy B.

I came to Justin because I was having pain in my hip when squatting. I chose to do physical therapy with him. He worked closely with me by sending me videos and programmed workouts to help rehab that area while still trying to maintain my fitness level. Within a few weeks, I was back to squatting normal. Still to this day I do the stretches and exercise he gave me for my hip.

- Jill C.


Tempered Physical Therapy is in network with Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If you carry a different insurance, we would still love to work with you and provide you with a superbill at the end of your visits. With that superbill, and depending on your insurance benefits, you may receive some reimbursement.

Please call if you have any questions about how this works. 214-449-1191

Our Out-of-Network Costs

At Crossfit Wylie

Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment Visits: $130 (1 hour appointments)
Recovery Session: Dry Needling/Cupping. 65$ (30 minutes)

Mobile Visits

Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment Visits: $150 (1 hour appointments)
Mobile visits will be available in Mckinney, Allen, Prosper, and surrounding areas.

If using out-of-network, packages are available for physical therapy evaluation and treatments:
• $110 for session at Crossfit Wylie
• $130 for mobile visits.

Mobile Visit Service Area